Ballet training for real women

Stepping into a dance class can be daunting, but BalletBeFit classes are for normal women who want to stay fit.

It’s different to other ballet-based fitness classes, because the exercises can be tailored for real women, of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Even those with disabilities can join in, because each movement can be adjusted and still give huge benefits to the body.

It’s not just physical

Ballet benefits mental and emotional wellbeing. Yes, it makes you fitter, stronger and more flexible, but studies show that dancing also improves mood and cognitive skills.

It’s like learning a language – making connections between different parts of your brain. When you’re performing the exercises, you’re learning how to control every part of your body while also timing your movements to the music.

This mental workout means you can consider your environment in a different way. Ballet changes the way that you listen to music, the way that you observe space, and the way that you think about your body.

It’s social, too

You’ll attract like-minded people, and that means more chance to socialise. As well as getting fitter, stronger and more toned, you’ll meet new friends and have more confidence and independence.

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