As providers of a ballet workout around the UK we’re always asked what the benefits of ballet are so we thought we’d share them with you here and have something to reference if you’re ever asked the same!

As a discipline, ballet is incredibly challenging to the body and the mind. To become a successful ballet dancer you must have poise, grace, control, flexibility, fluidity, persistence and the ability to make the most excruciating of moves look effortless.

Not something you’re average class participant is going to want to endure. However, the health and fitness benefits of ballet are incredible. As hard as it is to make it as a professional dancer, the traits above, such as control, flexibility and fluidity are things that you’ll learn within a class environment. You’ll gain strength. You’ll learn to lengthen your body and over time will gradually create lean muscle to make the body firmer and tighter.

Ballet classes have definitely increased in popularity over the past few years, perhaps because every little girl dreams of being a ballet dancer when they’re little, or perhaps because it’s a low intensity workout that absolutely anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age, size or fitness ability.

As a ballet fitness instructor you’ll be teaching class participants how to move their bodies in the most effective way to build a strong base and core, while elongating their limbs for grace, poise and finesse.

Ballet fitness is incredibly fun and rewarding and BalletBeFit was designed to provide an effective workout within a safe and secure environment so that you can really let go and be who you want to be.

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