If you have ever dreamed of owning your own fitness business or you want to start your own ballet dance business in the UK, now is the time. Founded in 2012 by expert ballet dancer, Rachel Withers, BalletBeFit is one of the fastest growing fitness classes in the UK. With the mission of sharing the benefits of ballet fitness across the UK, Rachel is reaching out to fitness instructors and trained dancers with this opportunity to become a part of the growing dance fitness industry.
Many instructors and fitness centre owners are already seeing the advantages of owning a registered fitness franchise and are adding ballet fitness classes to their schedules to bring in added revenue. With all of the features, benefits and brand recognition working with Rachel Withers and BalletBeFit has to offer, why not start your own ballet dance business in the UK today?
Learn From an Expert Ballet Instructor in the UK

When you choose to start a ballet business in the UK with Rachel Withers, you will be immersed in an online Instructor training course like no other which will teach you choreography, technique and effect, proper nutrition and successful business development methods. You will learn the core disciplines of ballet technique to ensure that you have the knowledge to teach your students and keep them safe and engaged.

Rachel takes the process further by ensuring that new instructors/ business owners have everything they need to grow and develop a successful business. From marketing materials including leaflets, posters, branded items and more, to web pages, social media marketing and promotion and more, you will be more than ready to start your own ballet dance business in the UK.
Start Ballet Business in the UK

Set-up your own fitness business with the help of Rachel Withers today by contacting BalletBeFit now via email at:, by telephone on: 0333 444 0665 or visit us at: 5 – 7 Mill Fold Way, Ripponden, HX6 4DJ.


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