Are you a lover of ballet? Do you love working out with ballet? Then you are in the right place!

Rachel Withers is a professional ballet trainer who trained with the Royal Ballet. Rachel Withers has spent many years in the dancing and theatre industry, and her experience has been condensed into some of the best ballet workouts which she teaches at her BalletBeFit Academy.

Rachel Withers demonstrates her expertise as a professional ballet trainer with her highly flexible ballet workouts. Her classes are easy to take by every woman, and their families are not left out. Many people feel they can’t take ballet workout classes because of their body size and all. But BalletBeFit workouts are designed specifically to make it possible for real women to use ballet as a workout. Irrespective of your age, size, and shape, you can always find the appropriate ballet workout that will increase your fitness levels and make you more flexible and agile. In fact, the exercises can be adjusted to suit people who have a disability so that they can also enjoy the benefits of the best ballet workouts in the UK.

BalletBeFit classes are divided into three major categories spanning different ages and abilities.

The Start Young Classes are designed for children between the ages of 7-13 years. These classes aim to improve physical strength and agility, enhance concentration, and help children to develop a better understanding of music and rhythm, as well as increase their love of movement. These classes are conducted by professional ballet trainers who take them through movements such as jumping and leaping which improves their cardiovascular health, stamina and endurance. BalletBeFit classes can also help to improve children’s emotional and mental wellbeing and enhance their physical self-control.

For the Stay Young Classes which is designed for women who want a fitness class with a dance feel, Rachel Withers created workout classes that help to increase core strength, upper-body strength, and posture. To help students build more muscles, some of the workouts incorporate resistance training which results in a dancer’s body.

The Feel Young Classes are created for older adults. The classes are low impact and are meant to strengthen their core to improve their balance and lower the risk of falling.

BalletBeFit offers the best ballet workouts for every category of students. Our classes can help to improve balance and increase the flexibility of muscles, which are some of the problems that come with age. With Rachel Withers, a professional ballet trainer, you will be led in different classes that invigorate you and make you feel energised. It is an opportunity to increase your fitness levels and develop new friendships and relationship with members of your class.

Rachel Withers has been a long-term player in the dance industry. She has trained with some of the best ballet dancers in the UK, and she has put her knowledge to good use by creating a school where people can practice the best ballet workouts and also get certified as professional ballet dancers. Enroll in a class today and dance your way to higher fitness levels!

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