Rachel Withers was once quoted as saying. “I am on a mission to help women build a successful business which fits around her family.” Very strong words from a very strong woman. And these aren’t just empty promises or media hype. Rachel has taken her passion for the art of ballet and turned it into a growing UK franchise which is seeing widespread success. In fact, demand for online ballet classes is so high that her company, BalletBeFit, is actively seeking new franchise owners looking for a chance to become a dance fitness instructor with Rachel Withers.

Some Interesting UK Women Owned Business Facts

In the UK today, women account for under a third of those who are self-employed but that number is growing. In fact, since the recent recession, women accounted for almost 80% of the new self-employed UK workforce. That means there are almost 1.5 million women who are self-employed or own their own business in the UK. Now is the best time for women to become business owners and Rachel Withers wants to help make that dream happen. As the UK’s top ballet instructor, Rachel has created a course so in-depth and so focused on success that many of her franchisees are seeing success almost immediately.

Why is Rachel’s program so effective and why is it creating so many successful new business owners? Much of that success can be attributed to Rachel’s own experience in the world of dance. Formally trained in the art of ballet at Dorothy Stevens School of Dance, Louise Browne Yorkshire Scholarships Centre, the Royal Ballet School and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Rachel has performed at the Royal Opera House and Covent Garden and has choreographed for theatre groups across the UK. And today, this former expert ballet dancer’s name is still synonymous with the arts.

Rachel Withers is using her experience and training to teach others how to open their own ballet business and create successful entrepreneurs. To learn more about Rachel Withers or BalletBeFit, be sure to visit her on LinkedIn or Facebook, or visit BalletBeFit.com.

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