Rachel Withers is a former ballet dancer who worked for many years in the dance and theatre industry. She trained with the Royal Ballet and is passionate about dancing and teaching people how to dance. With her wealth of experience in the dance industry, Rachel is one of the best ballet instructor in the UK. Due to her passion for helping other people achieve their goals in the dancing industry, she established BalletBeFit in 2012, a training facility with the goal of training top-notch ballet instructors and ballet fitness courses. Being a professional ballet trainer, Rachel has designed many comprehensive fitness courses to help many women build successful businesses without any disruption to their families.

Rachel Withers has done excellent work with BalletBeFit. Apart from teaching dancing classes, she has developed various ballet fitness courses to help young and old people get fit with dancing. More people are starting to appreciate the fitness benefits obtainable through ballet, and Rachel has fine-tuned the process by building courses which are easy to take. Her online ballet fitness courses are created especially for people with heavy workloads that prevents them from going to the gym. With the online fitness courses, many individuals now have the opportunity of training with one of the best ballet instructor in the UK.

Apart from the online fitness courses, BalletBeFit Academy also offers training courses for people who want to become professional ballet trainers. The course takes participants through choreography and techniques of ballet, teaching them the moves, how to balance and maintain stability, and every other essential to make them excellent ballet instructors. And it gets even better. Despite offering a fully loaded course, Rachel also includes the best methods of building a successful ballet business. She provides business plans, posters, pamphlets, website links, social media strategies, videos tutorials and more. Why not sign up for your ballet fitness training with one of the best ballet instructor the UK has to offer?

Rachel Withers is passionate about helping people get fit, and she has equipped many women with the knowledge needed to become a professional ballet trainer, empowering them to start their ballet training classes and making some extra money in their spare time.

Are you considering starting your ballet fitness class? Let Rachel Withers,  who is aprofessional ballet trainer be your guiding light. Her BalletBeFit Academy has courses from the beginner to advanced levels for children, teenagers, and adults. Whether you only want to get fit with ballet, or you want to become a professional ballet trainer, Rachel Withers is one of the best ballet instructors you can find in the UK.

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