Time is precious, but can’t save it. What you do with your free time is what counts.

Don’t you think you should do something meaningful with your spare time? You might take a free educational course online, try to get fit, learn a new skill, and even make some money in your spare time.

Now, I know the last one will appeal to most people. Do you know that you can start your own part-time fitness business and make your spare time pay?

Yes! Rachel Withers, a former professional ballet dancer and founder of the BalletBeFit Academy has designed courses explicitly targeted at people who want to start a part-time ballet fitness business.

If you have had some ballet training in the past, and you want to monetise your knowledge, Rachel Withers will help you start. Or you don’t have any experience of ballet, but you are willing to learn, Rachel has put together a ballet instructor training course that will teach you everything you need to know about the dance, and how to turn it into apart-time fitness business.

To make the journey easier, Rachel Withers has developed a world-class online ballet instructor fitness training. The training is a wealth of insight from one of the best ballet instructors in the UK. It is written in a step-by-step and easy to understand format with detailed explanations on both the training and business aspects.

Whether you are just starting out or you have had ballet training in the past, you can quickly build a part-time ballet fitness business even if you are time constrained. With Rachel Withers’ specially designed online ballet fitness classes, you can quickly get up to speed on the areas of ballet where you are not up to date.

No matter your level in ballet, so far you have some free time on your hands, then you are good to go. Sign up for Rachel Withers’ instructor courses on how to make money from a part-time fitness business, and you will enjoy all the insights of a former professional ballet dancer who has been able to establish a successful ballet-based fitness company. You get to do what you love and make money as you do it. Plus, your time is not wasted, and you will be adding value to the lives of other people.

Our courses are affordable, and all the classes are online, so you don’t need to spend any extra money for transport. Also, you take the classes anywhere for your convenience. It could be in your room, or anywhere else that appeals to you. The courses are written in a step-by-step approach so you can learn according to your own pace. You will also get a personal BalletBeFit mentor who will guide you through the process of starting your own part-time ballet fitness business.

With our fitness instructor training course, you will be able to train people of all categories and fitness levels. You will also get all the teaching materials and business materials to excel as a ballet instructor and promote your part-time fitness business. Furthermore, you will get class plans created by Rachel Withers, founder of BalletBeFit and former ballet dancer. You can also sign up for a free guide on how to turn your passion for ballet into a part-time ballet fitness business and earn more money.

In short, you are getting a full package when you sign up for our ballet fitness instructor training. It is affordable, fun to learn, and will make you money.

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