Ballet is becoming a popular choice for many people who want to keep fit. There has been no time in our history when people have been as conscious of their health and fitness as this period. As more people discover that they can get fit with ballet, the dance is receiving more attention from people of different ages, shapes, and sizes. You might know ballet as a dance, but it is more than a mode of physical expression. Ballet is a special type of dance that requires specialised skills under strenuous physical conditions. This is why ballet can be used as an effective workout for keeping your body fitness at optimum levels.

BalletBeFit is one of the best ballet academies in the UK, and the school has revolutionised how to get fit with ballet. The school has created different ballet fitness classes that’s suitable for every category of student irrespective of their level. Our classes are a combination of dancing and workouts, and you learn how to dance while also acquiring the agility and flexibility of a ballerina.

For some people, going to a fitness studio or gym is not possible because they have a lot of commitments. However, they also need to work out to keep their bodies fit and fully functional. BalletBeFit understands your plight, and that is why we have online ballet fitness classes that you can do from wherever you are. You might be travelling for an official conference, or you are always tired when you get back home from work. This will never deter you from working out once you choose to get fit with ballet. You can take our classes anywhere you like.

Rachel Withers, founder of BalletBeFit was a professional dancer before she established her school. Using the experience gained through her long stint in the dance and theatre industry, Rachel has created a highly effective ballet fitness program that caters for children, women, and old people. There are courses for different levels of students, and the classes are anchored by some of the best professional ballet fitness trainers in the UK.

Our get fit with ballet classes are similar to dancing ballet, but with some variations. Ballet dancers usually have highly flexible bodies and are light. Our ballet fitness exercises don’t require flat bodies or flexible legs that you can wrap around your neck. They are designed for regular people. No matter your size, shape, or age, you can take part in our ballet classes. Our classes provide agility and stability by strengthening your midsection. You will also increase your flexibility, and your power of concentration will be enhanced. Ballet fitness works wonders for both young and old, and your body and health will benefit immensely when you enrol at BalletBeFit. You will not only get fit, but your mental health will also receive a boost.

Do you want to get fit with ballet? BalletBeFit has highly efficient ballet fitness classes that will help you achieve maximum fitness levels. You can work online with our expert instructors from the comfort of your homes, getting the benefits of dance and workouts in one excellent package.

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