At BalletBeFit, we focus our workouts on creating stronger, leaner, more well-balanced students. Our ballet workouts are challenging and they offer a chance to see what our bodies can do when we push them to excel. Just as a ballerina achieves greatness on the stage, our students achieve that same greatness on the floors of our ballet studios. How does a ballet workout help make greatness possible? By showing each and every one of us that we can do anything we put our mind, and our bodies, to and that there is no challenge to great that we cannot overcome.

A ballet workout involves a wide range of dance movements, designed to teach balance, build strength and coordination and burn calories. Ballet workouts are rigorous and that is what brings our students in. They want the challenge. They want to push themselves under the direction of an experienced instructor who can guide them and show them how a ballet workout can help them become a completely different person.

Our BalletBeFit Classes

BalletBeFit offers 3 ballet workout classes, each one created for different ages and abilities. From our Start Young Classes for children aged 7 – 13 years, to our Stay Young Classes, for women wanting a fitness class with a dance feel and our Feel Young Classes, created for more mature women wanting a low impact class, BalletBeFit has something for everyone. Our ballet workouts can be customised to our students’ abilities and to their own specific fitness goals. That is the beauty of a ballet workout, it can be anything our students need it to be and our instructors make that happen.

Become a BalletBeFit Instructor

How can you be a BalletBeFit instructor and become a part of the UK’s largest fitness trend? Joining BalletBeFit is easy and it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. To become a BalletBeFit instructor, first you should download our informational e-book, How to Turn Your Love of Ballet into a Part-Time Business. Then, after deciding if BalletBeFit is right for you, contact us to sign up for your BalletBeFit training courses where a certified ballet dance instructor will mentor you and teach you everything you need to know to begin teaching ballet workout classes in your area.

For more information on how you can become a BalletBeFit instructor, contact us today at 0333 444 0665.

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