For years we’ve known the benefits of practicing ballet techniques, from improved posture, balance and flexibility to an overall sense of poise and grace while performing each move.

Which is why we were super excited to read a feature in the Daily Mail about how taking up ballet in older age can help ward off dementia and ease other signs of wear and tear.

The article was about a wonderful 70-year old lady in Scotland who still performs with the Scottish ballet and finds that as a form of exercise it has greatly improved her flexibility and co-ordination, two things that sadly deteriorate over time.

They’ve even used a quote from Dr Anne Hogan, director of education at the Royal Academy of Dance which says that they believe all forms of dance have health benefits that will help people maintain quality of life.

To read the full article, click here

This is really fantastic to hear, especially as we have our own version of BalletBeFit for slightly older individuals. This class will certainly appeal to those of you who hung up your ballet shoes as a young girl but have always loved the elegance and grace of this dance discipline, or those of you who simply wish to be more active and move more.

Designed to help you make small movements that make a big difference, this class will certainly help you to stay young and give you an even brighter youthful glow!

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