Now, you can train to be an instructor and teach at times that suit you. This is your opportunity to get fit, have an income and independence – with all the flexibility you need.

Maybe you’re looking for flexible work that fits around your family. Maybe you already have a job, but love to dance and want to work a couple of evenings a week. Or perhaps you’re already working in fitness and want to add a new string to your bow. Whenever you have spare time, whether it’s when your child’s at school or on weekends, you can make money doing something you love.

If you already work in the fitness industry, this will help you stand out in a crowded market and build a loyal client base.

Being a BalletBeFit instructor gives you many things – fitness, fulfilment and independence. You’re guaranteed to have time to work out, and you’ll have all the special advantages of ballet training. You’ll walk taller, with more poise and elegance, and strengthen your body without bulking up. You’ll be working locally and meeting like-minded people who share a common interest. You’ll have more opportunities to be sociable and make new friends. And of course, you’ll have a new revenue stream, and all the added security that goes with it.


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