If you look at the body of a ballerina you’ll be able to see the physical benefits of this elegant and graceful form of dance. But ballet also has many health benefits too that you can’t see on the outside.

This article we found on the BBC website perfectly sums up why you should try ballet, regardless of your age, size or fitness ability, so we thought we’d share it with you

In a nutshell, the article looks at why people are turning to ballet if they have no intentions of becoming a professional dancer. It suggests that TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and BBC Young Dancer helping to reignite the nations passion for dance and encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

It then goes on to explain the physical and mental benefits of a ballet workout. Aside from the obvious benefits, did you know that studies have shown that ballet classes can help reduce the risk of dementia?

Even sportsmen and women are turning to ballet to improve their performance. Rio Ferdinand has openly admitted that ballet helped him on the pitch, even confessing that he took ballet classes as a child.

While they have no intention of following in the footsteps of Billy Elliot, they understand that ballet will strengthen their muscles and also improve balance and poise.

The reason Rachel created BalletBeFit was to offer an elite sporting discipline to the masses in a way that was fast, effective and fun. It’s low-impact so perfect for every stage of life, from young children to the young at heart.

The choreography focuses on helping you build a stronger, leaner, fitter body while also offering a cardio element to keep the heart pumping and the calories burning.

There’s no denying that ballet as a discipline takes a lot of hard work, dedication and determination, but classes such as BalletBeFit make it a lot more fun, interactive and immersive.

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